Milkshake Machine Small

The perfect solution for startup or medium demand. The NEW GSM3 - Milkshake machine from GBG Carpigiani Horeca produces milkshake for outlets where milkshake is popular, such as fast food restaurants, playcentre, ice cream parlours, amusement parks, cinemas and forecourt convenience stores.

Ideal for businesses that want to make many different flavours from the same machine, this milkshake machine helps you maximise your offerings, and increase sales. 

Equipped with a 10 litre tank this machine produces milkshake continuously thanks to its gravity feed system. It holds 10 litres, and can be topped up at anytime. This allows you to cope with increased demand, while minimising waste.

This machine also has an "Overnight" setting for chilled storage of your fresh milkshake over night.

This machine operates on a standard 13-amp plug.

It measures Width 35cm, Depth 60cm and Height 90cm.

The milkshake mixer shown in the pictures alongside this machine is an extra item priced at €275.00

Please call us for more information. Mobile -  087 989 0199

Milkshake Machine Small

  • €2,500.00

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